Social media is very demanding these days. In Chandigarh there are many social media marketing companies. Below are few of features of best Social Media Marketing:

1. It is constantly updated

The constant creation of exciting and useful content for the client is an essential characteristic of the social enterprise. If they manage to know how to use the information that clients request at a certain moment, you will be complementing our brand and providing a significant added value to the client who will notice that the company cares about their interests.

Knowing what potential clients need at all times is a sign of having understood the potential of new ways of relating through social networks in which flexibility and perseverance are the keys to success.

2. Recognize mistakes and deal with opposing opinions

If you have said that the social enterprise needs the views of customers to learn, improve and take advantage of that information in its favour, you have to bear in mind that not everyone can like it. Another important feature is transparency. Lying on social networks is usually a very bad idea because it is very likely that over time the lack of clarity or the lie will come to light with the consequent loss of trust with the customer and online reputation.

3. Try to keep in touch with old clients

Social networks, in addition to opening the range regarding the company-client relationship, have simplified the implementation of some very simple actions, at no cost and that together help the social company. It is to present itself in a close and personalized way to the customer, so in this way, they work to achieve loyalty.

In addition to promoting loyalty, maintaining the relationship with customers is profitable from an economic point of view (getting a new customer is between 5 and 7 times more expensive than maintaining one we already have).

An example that occurs is something as simple as sending a birthday or New Year’s greeting, or any action that occurs to you that, despite its simplicity. It helps maintain a relationship with a client who will also notice that it is important for the company.

4. Use social channels to attract new customers

Social networks, corporate blogs, specialized online communities are magnificent tools to make the company known to an audience that we may be interested in. Conversing with users directly, creating quality content that makes the client want to know more about the company, interacting with users. That is, transferring the entire participatory philosophy of the “social” company to reality and using it to attract new customers interested in what the company offers.


Taking advantage of new technologies and new forms of relationships to foster a customer-oriented business mentality is something that works and whose profitability is more than proven in dozens of studies. As users or clients, you are sure to be happy, just like me, to meet this type of company with which it is a pleasure to deal with because it shows that they are really interested in your opinion and want to know more.